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Preparing a Coffee & Juice bar for Uber Eats Delivery
Preparing a Coffee & Juice bar for Uber Eats Delivery
Compliance, Problem Solving
Physical & Online
Compliance, Problem Solving
Physical & Online
✘ No Delivery Services ✘ No Previous Online Accounts ✘ No Staff Training / Guides
Enquired and registered with three delivery partners, set up one, trained the staff and successfully launched to another avenue of selling through Uber Eats

Many months after setting up the facility and supporting the hiring process for the coffee and juice bar, I was approached by my client to then pursue expansion in offering delivery services.

I started by registering my interest in the big three in delivery partners; Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat. I was able to do this through their websites in which they specifically and respectively have their own processes of registering to join.

  • Deliveroo were non negotiable at 35% commission
  • Uber Eats wanted 35% but were willing to go down to 30% if we enrolled exclusively
  • Just Eat were at 14% plus minor fees but this is if we hired our own riders

After deliberation, we decided to scale sensibly by starting with Uber Eats. This meant we could train the staff with one goal in mind, understand the processes and master the service.

So my client signed the papers and passed Uber Eats' ID checks. We now just had to wait for the delivery of the equipment and access to the Uber Eats control panel.

Uber Eats

Fast forward 10 days and I revisited my client's store and proceeded to set up the user controls through the provided Uber Eats control panel, uploading pictures, menu items, opening hours and other business related information.

I had spent about 90 minutes whilst also cross checking with the general manager on any changes or information which needed to be confirmed, such as cut off time for deliveries, and price matching to ensure business financial forecasts maintained in the positive balance due to the 30% commission fee.

Test Run and Launch

After configuring everything, I called up Uber Eats support line to inform them of our go live, in which they had just ran a few checks over the phone and once confirmed, we were able to immediately activate our account and go live within the local area.

With the general manager and a senior bar staff member beside me, I placed an order as a consumer on my phone and from here we observed the process of

  • Confirming an order as a consumer
  • Observing the tablet device at the counter top notifying of an order
  • The staff member confirming this order
  • The staff member preparing this order
  • The staff member packaging the order
  • The Uber Eats delivery driver attending the venue and confirming pick up
Here I placed the order on my phone as a customer while monitoring how the staff dealt with whole process and then documenting it


Once everything was set up, tested and confirmed to go live, I proceeded to put together a short training document for the rest of the staff members and future newcomers.

On this project, my involvement was

  • Enquiring with Delivery Partners and receiving rates
  • Consulting with the owners of the business on the offers
  • Finalising the document sign up
  • Registering the company fully onto the delivery partner network
  • Setting up the equipment
  • Setting up the account and menu and business profile
  • Testing the first order
  • Observing the processes and documenting it
  • Training the senior management staff
Jtan Styla
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Jtan provides a knowledge base that spans all disciplines, which means we don’t need to engage multiple agencies, he and the team are totally proactive, identifying areas for improvement and implementation ahead of market curves.
~ Director of The Diamond Box
Jtan Styla
The Diamond Box have traded for over 20 years, with hundreds of 5-star reviews
He is always there when help is needed, offering help quickly and efficiently. His interpersonal skills are remarkable and he is a great judge of character.
~ Maria Martin Sanchez
Jtan Styla
I hired Maria to supervise a team of 12 people at a client’s start-up.
His ability to deal with a crisis and come up with new ways to achieve results were always an inspiration to me. I’m delighted I had the chance to learn from Jtan.
~ Lily Andrews
Jtan Styla
Lily was our project coordinator at our agency, but also joined a client’s start-up